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How to Take Charge of the Overwhelm You Feel | Fresh Betty Lifestyle


Have you ever been wakeboarding or waterskiing?

If you have, you know that feeling you get, right before you KNOW your about to wipe out and hit the water with YO FACE!!  What do you do when that feeling starts to happen?

Most of us grip TIGHTER onto the tow rope, making the pending crash that is about to happen even MORE intense than it really needs to be.

How often does this SAME thing happen to us as entrepreneurs or small business owners?

How often are you about to grip tighter to the tow rope, when really what would make things so much easier and effortless…literally just melt and sink into the water. Yeah, to LET GO of the towrope! This approach is way less painful.

In business, especially if you are a solo entrepreneur, it is wicked easy to get locked into a cycle of overwhelm. A never ending LOOP of tasks, details, busy work, doing, going, busy, busy, busy and also to be ON, ALL OF THE TIME. To feel like you need to be DOING SOMETHING.

It is also all too easy to fall into this pattern and then, at the end of the day, wonder what you did all day…but during the day you seemed so….BUSY!

Then, after all is said and done and you chalked up your day, it seems like you didn’t really do anything..nothing you can REALLY account for anyway.

What happens then?  Oh yeah, you know. A berating from yourself. 30 lashes and a shame filled “WTF are you DOING?” fills your space between your ears.

Well, this is a great time to LET GO OF THE TOW ROPE my friend!  SINK into the water rather than fall on your face or your ass!  

I promise, it will NOT hurt.  You’ll feel at peace, at ease in IN CONTROL, able to get back up again with no pain, no welts, raspberries, lake, ocean or reef rash and also like you can walk the next day!

You can look more like THISimages-18

At ease, in control, no worries about falling because you know that falling is inevitable…it’s part of your work description…the difference between most people and you is that you are NOT AFRAID OF FALLING…because you know to LET GO OF THE TOWROPE and sink into the water instead of full impact at high speeds.

Okay, okay, metaphors be damned. I do LOVE a great metaphor though..don’t you??

Here are some awesome, tried, tested, proven ways for you to release overwhelm now and kick it to the curb for good.

Now let me state this disclaimer though first: This is NOT overnight success, especially if you have allowed overwhelm to swirl around you for some time. This takes practice, effort and the DECISION to change habits and to stick with it, no matter how many times you fall!

Here is a mantra for you to get mighty comfortable with: “Whatever problem I perceive, there is ALWAYS a solution for me”.

Numero Uno:

GET THE HELP YOU NEED.  No white knuckles needed here. No lone wolf mentalities. No go it alone types. Nope, tried that and can tell you, if you want to get out of overwhelm, you’ll simply have to get over yourself and call in the help you need. If your worried about money, you can always find a solution that will not be a huge up front investment at first, until you start gaining the capital you need to upgrade. As you call in the help and RECEIVE it, you will find overwhelm melting away and your ability to actually MAKE MONEY improve like you never dreamed of!!

So go on then, what you waiting for?? I’m an Anglophile…I can’t help it.  Get the help, be it cleaning, cooking, childcare, grocery delivery.  For the money nervous: Low cost alternatives may be a mother’s helper tween, a young teenager to help with your children and light cleaning/yardwork. There are many grocery deliver services, shop around for the best value.  Find a cleaning service that works with your current budget, or reach out to someone in your family who might be able to give you a hand,  even if it is just once per month to start.  There is ALWAYS a solution, tell yourself that.

Numero Dose:

TAKE CHARGE OF YOUR SITUATION! Here is a FACT: We all create our own realities and situations. Whatever is causing you overwhelm, it is time for you to take responsibility for it. There is a definite reason that you are swirling in overwhelm, there always is. The thing you most need to do is to be the one to take charge and control of the situation because nobody else can do that but you. Here are some questions you can ask yourself: Why do I bury myself in busywork, what could I be avoiding? What might I be unconsciously protecting myself from, which is why I am always on, always going and never relaxing? The answers usually surprise you, once you get quiet enough to really and truly LISTEN for the answers because I promise, they are IN YOU.

So go on then, get out that journal, COACH YOURSELF through it, make a plan and get on with it! TAKE CHARGE and get the accountability you need to make sure you follow through with of exactly what you need to do! If you don’t have a coach, HIRE ONE. As we discussed above, ASK FOR HELP and RECEIVE IT. 

Here is the deal: You need to be in complete REALITY with what is going on, be it clients, money, time, tasks, duties, responsibilities. Know what is going on in your business down to the last detail. Once you know exactly what is going on, your looking at the numbers, you know what needs to happen instead of not looking at it and hiding, you actually feel in control and IN THE KNOW.

Numero Tres:


Daily schedules can feel like the daily grind when your a freedom seeking, jet setting adventurer, I KNOW. The truth is though, that schedule and routine are a like a bank deposit to that freedom, no matter how much you resist it.

The schedule holds you in a container of sorts, it helps you feel safe. You know all the steps you must take each and every day. It may seem foreign at first, especially if your used to operating in extremely laid back ways like “I wonder what I’ll do today”. It might take a few tries, but keep at it, be relentless with yourself until you have got it dialed in. Rome wasn’t built in a day. If you are a very unstructured person, like I am, it may seem difficult to commit to this daily schedule. JUST DO IT AND GIVE IT A SHOT. What else are you going to do? Is your current plan working?

Plain and simple: OVERWHELM BLOWS!! Have you ever met a person that ENJOYS it? Even the busybodies out there burn out eventually..it simply is not sustainable, so don’t wait another day, just put into action, the three pieces above. Let go of your towrope damnit! Make the decision that overwhelm with NO LONGER be a part of your life, even if you have to try and try again to kick it out. It will happen because YES, there is ALWAYS a solution!

Share your overwhelm stories because I want to know what they are and also, what will you do to change that story?

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