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Stirrings of a Soul | Fresh Betty Lifestyle

imgres-5For today, a poem for you and your soul, if it has been stirring as mine has been.

A swirl of thoughts

frozen for naught

as I sit and I gaze forward in a daze

my mind so full, with still more coming through

yet immobilized am I

unable to stand

lost in the storm

until night falls

the quiet of winter descends

ice on the window in intricate shapesimgres-6

the moon on the floor

the starlight so bright

everything settles so quiet, so calm

the faces of children10462512_10203354202072398_5959236373113765780_n

so precious, so sweet

the breathing of peace

it’s happening now

I see what is important

it feels so right

I am relieved

I can relax into the night

and awaken to the light a new day brings

with the energy of creation and newness and me

trusting this trip

this journey

this lifeScreen Shot 2014-03-12 at 3.48.24 PM

the feelings I feel

if they feel right

I will follow them now, despite other voices,

because I know I’m real and here is the deal:

tune into your light and what feels right,images-7

follow it now and allow yourself the light

it might be beyond reason, but could be the season

for you to allow

yourself to be led

and reject any dread

that only exists in your head

open up to your power and seriously now,



I shared this poem to explain where I have been and why I’ve not been in communication recently over the past few weeks with the regularity that I really desire.

I’ve been in a flurry of serious soul stirrings, soul fluctuating and tuning into deep feelings that have beckoned me for some time but yet, felt frozen by and unable to take action from.

Perhaps you can relate to that, no?

The immobilization cost me dearly too. I was unable to move forward in the direction I wanted, but also unable to move forward in the path I have carved for myself as well. I was in one place, stuck, going nowhere and feeling the effects of confusion, overwhelm and a serious lack of clarity.

I’ve experienced more than one sleepless night or early, pre dawn awakenings from this stirring within and still, I chose to ignore it and stay in a place of inaction.

I knew what I wanted to do long ago but didn’t move forward with it because I hadn’t gotten myself “sorted out” yet in that area.

This is highly laughable, because this is a life long process, so good luck to me on nipping it all in the bud till I’m suddenly perfect with no problems in my back pocket.  Who the heck would want to work with me then?

I am not immobile any longer and am not only listening to the feelings I am having, but following the stirrings deep within to exactly where they are leading me. I am clear on what I want and the direction to follow. Do you know how great that feels?

There are things that I am highly, highly passionate about and have finally said “Yes” to following my heart and my gut and believing in the value that I can bring to women who struggle within a disempowered relationship with money, devalue and discount themselves, chronically under earn and engage in self deprivation.

So look for a few changes round these parts in all that is Fresh Betty…we’ll have a new tagline appearing, new content, new programs, new downloads with high value and a feeling of fresh newness going into 2015.

This big, energizing change is happening at the perfect time of year too, the END of 2014. 

The end of one chapter always starts another one and I’m personally thrilled about this new direction.

One thing that won’t change is our sporty, adventure look and feel. In fact, this new direction will be even MORE IN ALIGNMENT with that vision because a Fresh Betty totally OWNS HER VALUE AND HER WORTH, inner and outer.

So, in closing, may I thank you for being present during my wing fluttering over the past 6 months. I feel that I’ve found my nest for a good, long while now and that only growth and evolution happen from here.

I also want to leave you with three questions to ponder at your leisure:

1. Do you find yourself quick to reduce the price of your program or service, rather than adding in extra value?

2.Have you made a habit of pre-judging or deciding, preemptively, who “won’t pay that”?

3.Are you clearly speaking to who it is you help and are you speaking with gusto and charged confidence?

Think carefully to the query above. Answer honestly.

If 1 and 2 were a yes and 3 was a no….stick with me kid, we’ll go places together.

If 1 and 2 were no and 3 a yes, let me offer you my salute. I understand if you don’t want to play around here anymore.

At any rate, I’ll be around more, offering passionate and valuable content that will raise your inner worth to a place where you’ll see it show up in your outer wealth, I promise.

Now about that ice on my windows…….I love winter, but 0 degrees???? Funny enough, I actually have been thoroughly enjoying this early Winter thus far and the ice does make great window art and quiet contemplation for a frosty night.

Peace to you this holiday season.images-20



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