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How to Turn ANY Obstacle into Opportunity | Fresh Betty Lifestyle

Can you dissolve negativity with a quick snap of your fingers?

Can you detach from really heavy energy that surrounds you in any given moment?

Can you release the need to control the outcome of every situation in your life?

Can you stop worrying what others think of you?

The answer to all of the above are YES, of course, although easier said than done more often than not.

The questions above are common situations that we allow ourselves to get mired in and before long, they become obstacles that we had not intended on showing up.

With time, the obstacles grow and seem like they are impossible to walk through or around, so we then become immobile.

I truly believe that ANY obstacle, no matter what it is, can be dealt with and overcome and often you will be SO much stronger for it afterwards, because you had the COURAGE to face it and handle it like an adult.

Sometimes when you are dealing with a difficult situation, the best solution is to tap into your creativity.

Tapping into creative solutions and ideas add lightness and excitement to shit that seems heavy and anything BUT exciting.  

If you can add a little humor into the mix, you’ve got yourself a double shot of  opportunity because nothing spells success like humor and creativity.

“Yeah yeah”, your thinking….”I’ve heard this line before…just think positive thoughts and everything will turn out okay.”

Well, that is partially true, but there is another piece to that, and in my opinion, a much more important piece than simply thinking positive and when you can practice and master THIS skill…..it truly IS your golden ticket to overcoming any seemingly impossible, irritating and annoying obstacle...like those patterns that seem to keep recurring in your life like CLOCKWORK.

So what is this ninja/jedi skill?

Now don’t be totally PISSED at me when I tell you what it is.  Don’t be pissed when I tell you it lies within you and has been there with you this ENTIRE time…this solution to ALL your problems.

The skill is TAKING RESPONSIBILITY for EVERYTHING that occurs in your life.

Once you really own up to the fact that you truly are responsible for your own outcomes, your own happiness, the amount of money you make, the house you live in, the car you drive, the food you eat, how you look, how you feel about your body, your love life, relationships you have, what you do with your leisure time, how you feel on ANY GIVEN DAY..…can feel VERY LIBERATING and ALMOST LAUGHABLE at how you often will see that you  choose to allow others to control your reality.

What NOT to do is to get pissed at yourself and wonder what is wrong with you when you feel yourself allowing others to control your outcomes.

This takes practice and awareness and before you know it you will recognize when you are not taking responsibility for yourself and your outcomes and instead giving that power to someone other than yourself.  .

Personal responsibility is your key to your own power my friend.

Through it, you can MELT any obstacle in your path. You can WALK THROUGH fear fires. You can DECIDE what you will and will not put up with in your life.

Think of personal responsibility as your freedom ticket, for real. Decide today that you will begin to ONLY take responsibility for your own reality and get curious and see what happens.

Once I started taking responsibility for my own outcomes, my life changed.

I no longer tried to control my external environment or huff around my husband because he was doing something that “I didn’t approve of”.

Life became more enjoyable, and a hell of lot easier! There was an ingredient that was unconsciously added and it was FUN!

I soon realized that ALL the obstacles in my life were ones that I and I alone had put there or made appear!

These days I am by NO MEANS perfect, but I can spot immediately when I am falling into old patterns of giving up my power! In fact, just last week this exact thing happened and I was able to steer out of it in time, before I REALLY fell in deep! 

Some little tips to help you start to notice that you can start to put into practice today are these:

  • Begin to get curious at just what triggers you into spirals of irritation, anger or general disdain. Notice it, witness it, maybe even write it down or journal about it and move on, probably a different activity altogether would be a good idea, in particular, one that you actually ENJOY.
  • Notice recurring patterns that seem to happen over and over again, and again, just witness and approach it from a place of curiosity and nothing else. Notice it and say “hmmmm, that is interesting” and then shift away, move on, don’t attach any emotion to it before it sucks you in. Just witnessing it with no power attachment will loosen it’s hold on you. Try it and tell you what you think.
  • When you feel particularly controlling and attached to some outcome of a situation, just ask yourself some “what if” scenarios and get into a playful state of mind when doing this to take the heaviness out of the air around it. Play around with all sorts of outcomes and then ask yourself the ultimate “what is the WORST thing that could possibly happen with this”. What if that did happen? What would happen in your world?
  • Try reframing ALL perceived obstacles with your most creative outlets. Look for the teachings in each situation from a very curious and student place. Take only the knowledge you really learned from and release the rest and say goodbye for good!

These simple exercises can make a BIG difference in your life when you are dealing with a particularly challenging situation.

I hope these can help you in your quest to remove obstacles from your life and totally embrace your best life ever! Please share with me your experiences below in the comment section or share with someone who could really benefit from a practice like this.



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