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Creative Solutions to PERCIEVED Problems | Fresh Betty Lifestyle

So I missed last week again and I really am NOT trying to make excuses.

I will, however, give you a snapshot of what went down exactly one week ago tonight.

I had just realized that I had forgotten my 12th wedding anniversary(apparently I was not the only one who forgot..hey, we’ve been a little busy), so I was making a card in the dining room.

Earlier in the evening, my daughter and I had been watching funny YouTube videos of the cat variety and I was enjoying a beer while we were searching for our next cat video or baby otter video.

When I discovered by chance that “OMG, our anniversary was 4 days ago!”, I set the adult beverage down on a book to the right of the laptop, which was mistake number 1.

As I was constructing my card at the dining room, aka craft table, I heard a horrifying sound.

It was the sound of a bottle getting knocked over, quite unintentionally, by my daughter who was flitting her little 9 year old feet in our comfy chair.

I watched in, what seemed to be, slow motion, as the contents of the bottle poured into my open laptop, straight onto the keyboard, thus, straight into the computer itself.

I uttered some expletives, rushed over, turned the computer upside down, watched the liquid pour out and did manage to have enough sense to shut it down.

Ay yi yi.  That will put some adrenaline in your evening, if you were missing any.

I turned it upside down and hoped for the best and did what anyone in that situation would do, did a Google search on WTF do I do now that my laptop has been liquified.

Doing searches like that is almost always futile. It is rare to really ever find someone who has had real success with an unfortunate event such as this, except to buy a new one or get the damaged one repaired.

I did find some interesting stories though, about other laptops that had been doused with dog piss, toddler piss, wine, water, OJ, other fruit juices, salt water, cat puke, you name it!

At any rate, my poor laptop sits upstairs, awaiting her fate.

That is why I missed my post and my newsy that I like to send out weekly.

So what the heck do YOU do when SHIT HAPPENS?

My first reaction was shock, awe and anger. I was really pissed at myself for being so careless.

Just to let you know, I was NOT at ALL pissed at my daughter, although she felt sooooo bad about it and I reassured her all night long that this was MY fault and MY FAULT ONLY.

I take FULL responsibility for allowing room for such a mistake to occur and hells yes, I learned an EXPENSIVE lesson and one that I will never repeat again!

I feel as though this is a lesson directly from the Universe telling me to not only slow down and pay attention but to take stock of exactly where I am at and take my business a little more seriously and responsibly.

That laptop had EVERYTHING I need for my business as well as school, which is really an inconvenience right now because I am so mobile and on the go.

Here is what I see though as a creative solution, that will force me to truly get more creative that I have ever been before with business, which is a GOOD THING.

I am not going to have the luxury of just being able to have my laptop with me and get distracted by Facebook or online articles that look interesting. Nope, I am going to have to know exactly what I will write about and share about and put it on paper with a pen, the old fashioned way and then get er done on the desktop with no distractions because timing is everything now.

I am going to have to be CRYSTAL CLEAR on EXACTLY what I need to be doing and the action plan for the day, when before, it was kind of lax, just because I could really work from anywhere in my house, no matter what was going on and when the baby was napping, I could just work upstairs. Not anymore!!

I am going to have to completely prioritize the important things that will help me grow rather than hiding behind the keyboard anymore and this includes picking up the phone and actually TALKING to people!

So you see, the inconvenience actually has some very positive things wrapped inside it, gifts really!

Laptops can be replaced, but for now, I’m going to work as creatively as possible and roll with it and I can only expect positive things because of this, because I am an extremely creative person.

In fact, when I look at it, I wasn’t really working that creatively for about the past year, I was not really creating, I was just doing. 

Now I truly have a huge opportunity to not only create, but in extremely creative ways.

Share with me something that may have  happened to you and you had to figure out a creative solution for your temporary problem and what did you learn from it?

I learned to never, ever leave a drink by the computer, even though I knew that logically, I acted otherwise, to my default.


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