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When You Want to QUIT | Fresh Betty Lifestyle

Being an entrepreneur is totally awesome! You play by YOUR rules, not someone else’s.

You can decide when, where and HOW you want to work!

You have UNLIMITED income potential.

You can, literally, do what you want!

So what happens when you feel like all you do is work, that you are “on” all of the time and that your to do list looks like an unending stream of words and when you look at it you feel a whole lot of overwhelm and not a whole lot of excitement?

Hmmmm…..this is the quandary that many an entrepreneur, visionary, change maker and the like find themselves.

I found myself in that earlier today. Yes, TODAY.

I admitted something to myself that I’d not wanted to for a long time.

My energy has been scattered because my head hasn’t been in the game and by in the game I mean focused on the outcome.

I mean well and focus great for a few days, but then fall off track and that has been happening for almost the entire time I’ve been in business.

Why? I mean, I KNOW what to do, I KNOW what needs to be implemented, I KNOW that I need a strong and structured schedule, plan and action taking capabilities IN PLACE!

Why aren’t they there then?

I have invested thousands and thousands and thousands into myself and my business, yet, I still don’t have certain things in place?

Why? There that question is again!!

Well, for me, it means actually admitting that I need help and that no, I’m not supermom or wonder woman.

I had a beautiful baby boy in June who is the joy of my day, but I am the sole caregiver and I’ve avoided getting ANY help with him.

The control freak in me is a little annoyed with myself right now, because NOBODY can take care of him like I can, right?

Here is the deal: by not seeking the help I secretly knew that I have needed since September, but didn’t get, I only sabotaged myself and my business. As a result, I feel stress more than the feeling of being present with this little soul.

This is super vulnerable to print, but it became very apparent to me that by ignoring my own needs, I’ve only made him needier, because he feeds off of my energy.

So I’m now in search of some help, just starting with a couple hours a week and we will build up from there.

This will force me to be SUPER focused and productive with the few hours that I will have when I find someone to come in and help me out.

It will also force me to let go and ease up on the grip a little and that will be good all around, for me, for him and for Fresh Betty!

What about YOU?

When have you not done something in your business, even though you know you really needed it AND maybe even wanted it deep down, but maybe were afraid to take action because it meant losing some aspect of control?

Another thing, besides the control factor, was a chipping away at my own self worth, by myself!

By not valuing myself and my business OR my time, I feel like I wasn’t valuing my son fully and as a result, wasn’t fully present with him, with my mind frequently wandering and checking emails, social media and the like.

He KNOW’S that that is not cool and his look tells me so.

My first step is to send a query out to trusted members of my inner circle to help me out just a couple hours a week. I think amazing things will happen because of this and it feels exciting!

I also know that I will NOT quit, NO WAY, I’m in this for the long haul and it is a marathon, not a sprint and setbacks be damned, it is ALL a learning journey.

As I let go and let in more of what I want, I feel my own worth rising and that will reflect out.

Happy Valentines Day everyone and I hope all people will someday LOVE their work!


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