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What Death Taught Me About Life | Fresh Betty Lifestyle

It’s been a while, I know. Over 2 months, to be exact.

I’m back and that is the story I’m sticking to and moving forward from here. Thank you.

We recently experienced a death in our family and it was a significant one.

It was the death of my husbands father. It was and still is hard to wrap my head around that he is gone from this Earth and that I’ll never see him again in this life.

It has been a journey of introspection and contemplation though.

Being there for someone who is deeply grieving gives rise to a number of emotions. You must, at all cost,have compassion for the person you are supporting, hands down.  You must be prepared for the different emotions that will inevitably come and go, up and down. Sadness, melancholy, anger, laughter at certain memories, tears at another.

His death also was a window for my own mortality. No one lives forever, even though it seems like that at certain ages, right?

It really allowed me to reflect on my own life and look at things I’ve done, choices I’ve made, experiences I’ve had, as well as things I want to do yet and if those things are connected to a greater purpose, which in my case they are.

When we gathered with Jerry’s family to celebrate the life of his dad, it really hit me that he is gone.  There were pictures, letters, collected items and memories. It really was humbling.

It was also very noted that our baby, George, is the rebirthing of the energy that still happens as life goes on. George definitely had a hand in the entire healing energy of the week we spent in Ohio, he was loved on, squeezed, held, kissed, hugged, changed and fed by other family members that he is used to. He did amazingly well! And he also played a huge role in upping the joy and crowding out a little bit of the sadness.

What this death really did for me though is to really, truly recognize the absolute VITAL importance of doing what you really love with the time you have here and really making it count, matter and helping others along the way. Life truly is short, in the big scheme of things. It may seem like it isn’t, but since the Earth is billions of years old….75 or 80 years is nothin’!

It fanned some flames that had turned to embers in the past year, as I was putting my energy into our family with the addition of George.

Those embers have had the bellows fanned on them of my own beating heart and my own lungs breathing healing breath.

I now realize the importance of not taking any moment of this life for granted (and I have taken MANY moments for granted!). I have said that before, I know, but this really shook me awake about this fact!

So, it was a big lesson, which is at the heart of most spiritual teachings: Live every day as if it could be your last. Why wait till “someday” to fulfill certain dreams? Why wait “till you have enough money” or “till you have the time” or whatever other excuse you could use to fill in the blanks with.

I invite you to journey with me and start living today and catching dreams today, not someday, but now, in this moment!

What are two things you have been wanting to do or to have, yet have been putting off “until (fill in the blank with excuse)”?  I know that there is a way that you could bring that experience or thing into your life now, not later. I know you know too.

Don’t wait. Do it now! Find the way. Receive the way. Be open to the way.

Share your plans in the comments below, so I can celebrate you!

Let’s live our richest life, our fullest life, our dreamiest life. We can be dreamcatchers now!



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