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How To Ground Yourself Easily and Quickly | Fresh Betty Lifestyle

Grounded. What does that term mean to you? Can you feel it, this grounding?

I know when I don’t feel grounded, I feel a sense like I’m floating around and nothing is really staying with me, I have no sense of “stickiness”, if that makes sense!  I feel flightly and floaty and it is really hard for me to get things done with any sense of purpose.

Seemingly simple, everyday activities like doing dishes, even washing my face, seems HARD and I may or may not do it.

Finally, after a few days of this, I look at a sink full of dishes, I look at myself in the mirror and see frumpy frump lady and I wonder “how did THIS happen?”.

When you feel ungrounded, and you can feel this come on by feeling foggy, floating, everything seems like it could be a potential struggle and also, you feel an incredible disconnect with just about everything, including all your relatioships, it is time to intervene with yourself and get yourself back down to Earth.

Here are some easy ways that you ground yourself when you feel the above happening.

  1. Remember you have a body. 

Often, we are living in our head. A sure fire way to feel ungrounded is to be a floating and talking head with no connection to our body, which has the feet that are connected to the Earth. Acknowledge your body and send it some love and reassurance that you haven’t forgetten about it, that you are grateful for it. Give it some nourishing and life giving breaths that it very much needs. It will help you detox some of that ungrounded air that has accumulated as well.  As you breathe, focus on the mantra, “I’m breathing in and I’m breathing out” with each inhale and exhale and visualize in with the new and pure and out with old and stale. This is a sure way to start getting back in touch with the Earth!

  1. Walk barefoot in a garden or on grass.

Nothing grounds you more like feeling the Earth beneath your bare feet. Allow yourself time, especially first thing in the morning, when there is fresh dew on the grass, to take a little walk around your yard or lawn. The dew with enter the pores of your feet and offer a detoxifying hydrotherapy session for your skin and you will feel the grounding and stability of the Earth.  If you really want to get grounded, get ready to get dirty and step into your garden or a patch of dirt and dig in. Feel the coolness and moisture of the dirt. Close your eyes and see roots coming up from deep in the Earth and wrapping around your legs and holding on to you, keeping you safe and tethered to the Earth.  You WILL feel grounded after this experience, I promise.

  1. Take a hike or get back to nature.

It’s no wonder we feel so disconnected from our bodies and the Earth. We are so busy! With technological wonders like smartphones, laptops and apple watches, we are really plugged in 24/7. A disturbing news report can come to us at any moment and it is our choice to let that enter our minds. Many of us don’t even think about the consequences of a constant stream of headlines in our brains and the fear based roots it can lay deep in our subconscious. Unplug for a few days or even an AFTERNOON and go for a hike among the trees and listen to the sounds of nature instead and feel the Earth hold you up. This will help you get grounded and you will sleep better for sure! You may even not want to turn that newscycle back on, because you will be so grounded that you want to keep that serene feeling that you had with the trees and the grass.

So try one or all of these tips to get you feeling grounded again and not like a little bubble floating around. You will feel more motivated, more connected and more in control of the choices you make as you get more grounded.

Tune into the blog over the next few weeks as I share tips on all the five elements that we all exhibit characteristics of. I’ll be offering a free teleseminar series beginning the end of next week that will be covering the 5 elements in life and business and the key to creating the balancing act that becomes the business and life that you have been wanting!

This post was all about feeling grounded and getting your feet on the ground. Once you have your feet on the ground and you know where you are and where you want to go, it is a starting point. You have a place to lay a foundation down, to build upon.

Next week we’ll talk about that foundation, and nourishing it, and will also dive into the elements themselves.

Share any insight or comments that you have from this post and also, what about a time when you felt the most ungrounded and what did you do to come down from that time?

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