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Shedding Winter Weight 101 | Fresh Betty Lifestyle

Here it is- Spring is upon us and my pants feel SUPER TIGHT and CONSTRICTING!!  I DO NOT LIKE THAT FEELING!  Even the arms in my shirts are begging for air!

How do I end up in this SAME PLACE EVERY YEAR???

That answer is easy. By doing the SAME THING each year, that’s how! By having unbridled access to cookies, treats, and not reigning it in, that’s how! By letting the darkness and short days plus cold be my excuse for uncontrolled indulging and ditching out on fitness (the cold and dark don’t seem too inviting or enticing).

So, here I am. February 16 and 6 weeks away from Spring Break in Florida with my family, and I want to feel good in my body (and I won’t lie- I want to LOOK good in my body too). Have you felt this way before?

Have you felt this way before, done something about it, and promised yourself you’d never come back here and then, here you are? Do you want to do something about it? How about I give you some ideas you can ponder?

I don’t know about you, but for me, just saying something like “I need to get back to working out” or “I need to get to the gym” does NOTHING to inspire me to get my ass in gear.

Here are the steps I’ve taken in the past and am doing right now to get my body back to where I feel amazing! I hope the actions or at least a few of them may inspire you to get back to your own amazing.

1. Know exactly where you are NOW.

While this can be uncomfortable, it is also incredibly powerful because it brings into the light exactly where you are. Knowing where you are starting from actually helps you start down your path to where you want to go. You couldn’t get from Minneapolis to Chicago without first knowing where you are starting from, could you? NO! Get real with yourself and either play with numbers (weighing yourself, which is another topic altogether because the numbers on a scale can be misleading) or do the clothes test, which I find to be more productive. Take pants that aren’t leggings or yoga pants and try them on. How do they feel? Tight? Restrictive? Not great? Try on some pants and a shirt and look in the mirror. How do you feel IN your clothes? I find that to be far more truthful than what some number on a scale says. Once you know exactly where you are, you can go to the next step.

2. Get Clear About the EXACT Results I Want to EXPERIENCE.

Clarity is the essential step in transforming something from undesired to desired. I must get into my mind, a picture and vision of how I want myself to look and feel. What clothes am I wearing? How do I feel when I see myself with no clothes on? How do I feel in my undies? How do I carry myself in this future body? Do I feel more confident? Do I feel SEXY? That is the first step- get that vision on!

3. What Moves Me?

What inspires you to move your body? What exercise bores the daylights out of you, yet you do it anyway because you think you “should” do that to get results? No way- do NOT do workouts that you dread or find boring. There are SO MANY different ways to work out and get fit! I am an outdoor person, so outdoor fitness rules the day for me always. I get fresh air, nature time, beautiful scenery, do my best thinking, integrate my thoughts with my body, inspiration abounds with outdoor fitness. But maybe a group fitness class might be the thing that moves you to the next level? The group experience is compelling and can motivate you when you feel unmotivated because the power of the group will pull you forward! The big key though: DO NOT DO WHAT YOU FIND DRUDGERY OR BORING BECAUSE IT WON’T GIVE YOU RESULTS.

4. What FUELS You?

You know what foods your body LOVES. You know the meals that your body doesn’t love so much, but you might enjoy it (for the first bite or two). Breaking cycles of poor nutritional choices can feel hard at first. Still, once your body rids itself of unwanted effects of sugar, alcohol, refined carbohydrates, and too many calories per day, you notice the results quickly! There is usually a “witching hour” each day that has you craving certain things, and the pull is REAL. The temptation is REAL. The desire to say “fuck it, I’ll get back on track tomorrow” is REAL. I assure you, though, once that craving passes, you will feel so relieved you didn’t give in and indulge. It gets more comfortable with each passing day. Here are some suggestions for help with cravings: journaling or keeping track of desires and what that is telling you about your body and mind. Create a plan of action, and don’t waver! Play music, take the dog for a walk, take a bath, drink some water-simultaneously remembering what you want to look and feel like in your body.

5. Talk to a Friend you Know is Having Similar Issues and Make a Plan

Having a friend or accountability buddy is one way to almost guarantee results! If left to our own devices, most of us will use any excuse to get off track and not move forward and stay in the exact spot were in, no matter how much we don’t enjoy it because guess what? It’s familiar! Humans are habit driven and familiar driven. Having a friend to report to and support yourself will keep you on track! We never want to let down a friend and often will keep promises and follow through when another person we know is involved.

So there you have it.  5 ways to start digging into losing that extra weight from the Winter!

If you liked what you read- consider becoming a subscriber yourself and also share with someone you KNOW could use this to help them move forward!

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