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ABOUT | Fresh Betty Lifestyle

Life can get busy and throw curve balls towards you! For some of us, the first thing to go on the back burner is our commitment to putting ourselves first....

If we haven’t met, my name is Sonja Ramos, the founder of Fresh Betty Lifestyle. I guide women 40 and up into their best shape ever and feeling amazing in their bodies through outdoor fitness, epic adventures and retreat experiences that provide next-level transformation.

 Are you an all or nothing type of person?  You know, the type who, when 2:30 or 3 rolls around and exercise for the day hasn’t happened and you hear a voice in your head that says “I’ll start fresh tomorrow” only to have tomorrow materialize and then the same exact thing happens? And there is a high probability that you also fell off the good nutrition you had committed to for the day as well?

I get it! I’m like that TOO! I call it the ALL OR NOTHING mindset. 

I’ve got some great tools to wrangle that all or nothing mindset from taking over your mind. You are in charge, not that way of thinking.

Are you attracted to “get skinny quick” diets that are often so rigid that they are really hard to keep up? (And if you are honest with yourself, you probably don’t really enjoy them that much?)

Again, I feel you! 

Just like “get rich quick” schemes, these diets RARELY work out for most people! 95% of people who try these diets, gain all the weight back and THEN SOME. 

Were you once in the best shape of your life and maybe even ran races or participated in events with your fitness?

Do you remember the days when you simply had a great fitness and workout routine that you could easily stick to and just do without overthinking and talking yourself out of it?

Do you wonder if you’ll ever feel that awesome again??

You absolutely CAN! 

The question is:

 How important is it to you?

I won’t lie to you. Getting back into shape after a period of letting yourself backslide out of shape can really suck, ESPECIALLY if you used to be in amazing shape and maybe results take a while to really feel and see.

I do promise you though, no matter where you are at if you make the commitment to follow through, getting back into shape does NOT have to suck. It will require effort, but it will be SO.WORTH.IT. and YOU.ARE.SO.WORTH.IT.

Listen, I used to be the QUEEN of the yo-yo with my fitness, weight, AND nutrition. I am still FAR FROM PERFECT, but I trust myself 100% and that is no lie.

Hear me when I say:

I KNOW what it feels like to be unable to fit into the clothes in your closet, or just BARELY fit into them, uncomfortably, when you fit into them easily less than a year or two ago (or maybe even 2 months ago lol!!)

I KNOW what it feels like to remember how fit you once were and to secretly wonder if you’ll ever get there again and how hard will it be to try?

I KNOW what it feels like to lose motivation and just want to slug around and how HARD it can feel to get yourself moving again.

I KNOW what it feels like to start getting back into fitness and not see results for weeks on the scale and how demoralizing that is and to consider “what is the point of this?” and seriously want to just give up!

I KNOW what it feels like to not want to post recent pictures of yourself and instead use photos from about 5-8 years ago instead.

I KNOW what it feels like to not follow through on what I say I want and then feel really disappointed with myself and feel like a failure.

A bit about me…. 

I was always active outdoors from a young age.  I grew up on a lake in Northern Minnesota and was outside nearly every day in childhood.  When I was in high school I ran track and cross country skied, which kept me VERY fit.  I could literally eat WHATEVER I WANTED.  That was long ago though!  

Even though I grew up being active and in an active outdoorsy family, I went through periods of being really sedentary and unhealthy.  I was in the Navy after high school and let’s just say the Navy is not known for their healthy cuisine.  Add in a steady diet of McDonald’s, Taco Bell and daily donuts and you have poundage adding up, which it did.  All of that with no exercise- my first big yo-yo.  I remember the looks on people’s faces when I came home for leave after being gone for months. It was a call to action.  The first of many!

Even at age 19, getting back into shape really felt hard! But I kept showing up day after day and lost those pounds.  

While I consider myself to be a fairly active person, I have also had other long periods of time over the past few decades where I became sedentary, inactive and unmotivated.  While I have always come back to fitness, with every yo-yo, it becomes harder to get back into shape.

I would hit spaces of time in my 20’s where I was more interested in partying than keeping fit.  In my 30’s I had 2 kids that took me at least one year each to bounce back from.  In my 40’s I had a bonus gift pregnancy that I’m still coming back to baseline from!  Add into the mix, some harsh winters, and some general feeling straight-up lazy, unmotivated and exhausted and  I still was eating as if I was training for a marathon!

As the pounds crept on in my mid-40’s, I realized that my entire setpoint had changed and I was really going to have to work to get it back to a healthy point for me, especially going into my 50’s, peri-menopause, actual menopause (that is a whole other conversation!) and the inevitable changing of my body!

These days, I think about my health more than I did even 5 years ago!  Although, let’s not kid ourselves.  Most women I know want to feel amazing in their bodies and clothes and want to look good! Nobody ever wants to look and feel like a FRUMP. Being fit and healthy is really important for me going into my second stage of life. All the yo-yo-ing over the past 25-30 years has taken its toll and I’m no longer willing to do that anymore.  

Not too long ago, I made the decision to get my body back to a healthy set point for me and I began the process of getting my body back into shape and let me tell you- it hurt every day and sucked every day but I kept showing up.  Each day, I challenged myself to get back outside and do my workouts and I stayed with it.  It took several weeks to finally not feel the pain and feel stronger and notice a difference.  

I have come to believe that the best way to stay fit, feeling awesome, energized and motivated is to keep it simple, don’t overthink, make a commitment to yourself, follow through and keep showing up.  No crazy fad diets, no rigid guidelines or rules, no deprivation, no over the top goals that may not be realistic.  Just a willingness to show up, do the work and follow-through.


That is the key to staying in shape, feeling amazing and keeping it fun and interesting and I will help you along the way!