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It’s Never Too Late Podcast | Fresh Betty Lifestyle

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  Late Bloomers Never Quit

A podcast dedicated to late bloomers or aspiring late bloomers EVERYWHERE who are going for their wildest dreams even though people might think they are crazy!

It’s never too late to go for that dream.

It’s never too late to tell yourself the truth about what you REALLY want.

Drop-in and listen to interviews, conversations, and reflections on going after your dreams no matter how old you are!

This podcast is for you if you think your “too old” to do what you want to do.

This podcast is for you if you think you “already know that”. (If you don’t have the results you want, you don’t really “know that”)

This podcast is for you if you “already tried and it didn’t turn out as you thought it would”.

This podcast is for you if you need some inspiration to either keep going or start again!

No matter what you are going for, be it better health, relationships, a bucket list goal, a business you’ve wanted to start, whatever it is, this podcast will help you realize that it IS possible for you, no matter where you are at or what your age is.

For some inspiration, here are some well-known people who got their start AFTER AGE 40:

Vera Wang didn’t break into fashion till age 40!

Samuel L Jackson didn’t land his first big acting role till age 43!

Sam Walton was in retail management until age 44 when he started Wal Mart!

Henry Ford never found success till age 45 with the Model T car!

Rodney Dangerfield never caught any acting breaks until age 46!

Julia Child was not a staple associated with cooking until she was 50!

Betty White got her first big acting role on the Mary Tyler Moore show when she was 51!

Ray Croc was a milkshake device salesman until he started the McDonald’s franchise at age 52!

Laura Ingalls Wilder didn’t publish her first book of the “Little House” series until she was 65!

There are many more names that I could add to this list that would go on for pages!

If you feel like a late bloomer or need the motivation to do that thing- LISTEN UP AND LISTEN IN!


Register for that 1oK and start training!

Have that conversation you’ve wanted to have!

Put that idea into a business plan!

Take that Martial Arts class!

Find the fitness and exercise your body LOVES and feel amazing!

Book that trip to Italy and take a language class!

Decide that you’re going to hike a section of the Pacific Crest Trail!

Take that cooking class you have wanted to take!

Go back to school just to learn something you have always wanted to!

Get into the best shape of your life!

Volunteer at that school!

Learn something that will bring you more life!

So many more things……






Featured: Becoming a Divi Web Designer

Season 2, Episode 4

About Late Bloomers Never Quit

We live in a society and culture that values youth, beauty and finding success early on.  That can make it easy to fall into the misguided idea that once you hit your 40’s or 50’s, you can’t do something new, go back to school, start a business, start living healthier, eating better, exercising more, I could go on.  This podcast has the specific intention to be a major source or inspiration and motivation to late bloomers or aspiring late bloomers to really get with the idea that their big dream or dreams are still SO POSSIBLE!


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