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Work With Me/Services | Fresh Betty Lifestyle

The Mixed Tape Method

Just like a great mixed tape (come on, I know you used to LOVE making mixed tapes back in the day!!) has a variety of great tunes– a good service provider has a variety of ways for people to work with them.  Here are the many different ways to work with me to reach your health, fitness, mind, and body goals from free to premium!  

I used to be a DJ so we can find the right tune for what you need- I guarantee that!

Massage and Bodywork

I have extensive training in both Asian and Western bodywork. With over 1500 hours of training and have worked with hundreds of clients, I bring the skills of listening and sensing into my massage practice.  I can help with everything from fitness training and recovery to headaches, stress, and anxiety. To learn more about the different types of massage, my training and to book an appointment, CLICK HERE.

Yoga Adventures

Yoga Adventures are a BLAST! It’s like a mini-retreat in an afternoon, less than an hour from your house! These events usually are held in a beautiful park near the Twin Cities with beautiful trails and views.  You will enjoy a guided hike, yoga in a gorgeous space and then a delicious, nutritious spread of healthy food! For information on the next one, CLICK HERE and scroll down through the workshops and you’ll find the Yoga Adventure.

Body By Nature

Body By Nature is an experience where you move towards your body goals in the supportive and shared experience setting of a group.  There are epic adventures and fun to be had while hanging with the Body By Nature crew! You will feel more fit, calmer and more equipped to deal with any curveballs that try to derail you from your progress…it ain’t gonna happen in Body By Nature! CLICK HERE to find out about Body By Nature 2.0.

Day Tripper

Day Tripper is a private 1×1 outdoor adventure/fitness experience with the specific objective of helping you reach your ultimate fitness and body goals through unique and challenging experiential outdoor experiences.  Day Tripper is for the woman who is UBER committed to keeping her eye on the prize, getting back on track quickly if she falls off and looks at challenges as opportunities for epic satisfaction.  If you want to find out more about Day Tripper, CLICK HERE!

Here are some other ways to work with me, stay in the loop and get killer FREE content that can help you CRUSH IT!

Maybe the options above aren’t for you right now or you just aren’t sure about me yet and that is cool too!  I have other options for you that are mostly FREE!  Here are some clickable links for you to check out should you feel so inclined…

My weekly inbox drop! Each week, I’ll drop some motivation and adventure into your email box that will be worthy of your time…I promise! It does require an opt-in though, just so you know.

The Seize the Day Blog. Regularly updated with articles, stories, anecdotes, studies, guest bloggers and more, all with the intention of helping you stay motivated, adventurous and to know you are NOT alone! Just the facts too, thank you!

The L8 Bloomers Never Quit Podcast. Each week, STR8 talk about feeling like it’s just too late and how that is not true!  This is a podcast about letting yourself really go for your dreams like never before, especially if you are over 40! You are JUST getting STARTED my friend!  Listen in and realize the opportunity available to you right now!

Workshops at Tula Yoga and Wellness.  I have inexpensive workshops a few times a year at Tula Yoga and Wellness in St.Paul around unconventional goal setting and aging in a youth/beauty-obsessed society.